The Mountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Research was launched in January 2018 with 30 open access articles. It aims to provide free access to all peer reviewed articles.

This journal publishes research articles on topics and experiences in multidisciplinary fields of specialization. These are based on BSU’s Research and Development Priority Disciplines: Agriculture; Forestry; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Environment and Natural Resources; Society and Culture, Economics, and Philosophy; Education, Mathematics, and Development Communication; Health, Food, Nutrition, and Environmental Concerns; Information and Communications Technology; Industrial Technology; Extension Programs; Human Resource Development; Governance and Policy Advocacy; and Gender and Development (REMO Ch. 4 Sec. 3, 2015).

Articles generally contribute to the advancement of knowledge, better understanding of scientific concepts, policy advocacy and community engagement, and to bring solutions to community development challenges.    




Feliciano G. Calora, Jr.,PhD.                                              Ruth S. Batani, PhD.
University President                                                               Vice President for Research and Extension

Jones T. Napaldet, PhD.
Editor -in-Chief


The BSU Online Journal System Team

Jones T. Napaldet
Director, Research & Extension Publication Office

Paul G. Garcia
Chief, ICT Division

Lauren P. Kipaan
Director, University Library & Information Services