The Mountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Research was launched in January 2018 with 30 open access articles. It aims to provide free access to all peer reviewed articles.

This journal publishes research articles on topics and experiences in multidisciplinary fields of specialization. These are based on BSU’s Research and Development Priority Disciplines: Agriculture; Forestry; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Environment and Natural Resources; Society and Culture, Economics, and Philosophy; Education, Mathematics, and Development Communication; Health, Food, Nutrition, and Environmental Concerns; Information and Communications Technology; Industrial Technology; Extension Programs; Human Resource Development; Governance and Policy Advocacy; and Gender and Development (REMO Ch. 4 Sec. 3, 2015).

Articles generally contribute to the advancement of knowledge, better understanding of scientific concepts, policy advocacy and community engagement, and to bring solutions to community development challenges.    



The Mountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Research was introduced and originally started as Mountain State Agricultural College Research Journal in September 1977, then eventually renamed as Benguet State University Research Journal in June 1986. It is a journal of technical and social researches published by the Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet.

Mr. Bruno M. Santos, then President of MSAC explained:

            “Aside from reaching its primary beyond-the-fence-clientele, the College has also to satisfy the needs of the academic and scientific community for new                    scientific information and technological discoveries in agriculture. This Research Journal fulfills this institutional responsibility and commitment.

             In the development sense, this Research Journal marks an important milestone in the history and educational-scientific growth of Mountain State                             Agricultural College. It represents the growing-up and maturing of the in-house capabilities of the institution in carrying out its instructional, research                     and extension education pursuits.”

The Editors in the first issues of MSAC Research Journal were Conrado J. Oliveros, Lucio B. Victor, Rodolfo T. Abastilla, Cipriano C. Consolacion. The Managing Editor was Bienvenido M. Balweg and the Copy Editor was Ely G. Lumdang. There were also Contributing Editors in various subject areas.

It was passed on to Rodolfo T. Abastilla as Editor-in-Chief in 1979; Bienvenido M. Balweg in 1982; Percival B. Alipit in 1984 until it became BSU Research Journal in 1986; back to Bienvenido M. Balweg in 1995; Gilda B. Jacalan in 2001; Lily Ann D. Lando in 2005; Wilma L. Marquez in 2006; Lorenzo G. Lirio in 2012; Luciana M. Villanueva in 2013; Bernard S. Tad-awan in 2014; Aurea Marie M. Sandoval in 2016; and it was Paul Joseph A. Nuval’s term as Editor-in-Chief when this research journal was renamed Mountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Research in December 2018.

MJSIR is a refereed journal published biannually. This multidisciplinary scientific journal publishes selected papers presented during the annual Benguet State University Agency In-House Review for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, Social & Education Sectors, and outside paper contributors from partner State Universities and Colleges (SUCs). The MJSIR is accredited Category B Journal by the Commission on Higher Education based on CMO No. 23 s. 2014.


Dr. Danilo Bose                                                                      Ruth S. Batani, PhD.
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