Water Yield of a Fog Harvester as Affected by Mesh Material and its Orientation

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Diostonee A. Balinte Donalyn M. Macaburas Editha D. Carlos


To compliment the water shortages experienced by farmers during the dry season (November to April) for irrigation and application of chemicals, a fog harvester was constructed at the College of Engineering and Applied Technology in Benguet State University and installed in Sinipsip, Buguias, Benguet. The study analyzed the effect of two mesh materials (i.e., polyethylene mesh SAGN 60% shading and aluminum mosquito mesh) and orientation (i.e., portrait and landscape) on the water yield of the constructed fog harvester. Findings showed that the aluminum mosquito mesh has higher yield of water as compared to the polyethylene mesh, but the treatment mesh material has no significant effect on the water yield of a fog harvester. In terms of orientation, the portrait orientation has collected more water than the landscape orientation, and it has significantly affected the water yield of a fog harvester. Of its cost analysis, the treatment polyethylene mesh in portrait orientation has the highest return of investment of 50.5% while the treatment aluminum mosquito mesh in its landscape orientation has the lowest return of investment of 29.44%. Therefore, the best treatment is the structure with polyethylene mesh in portrait orientation.

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