Evaluation and Performance of Different Bush Snap Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Varieties under Organic Farming System in La Trinidad, Benguet

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Amelia M. Kimeu


More people are advocating organic farming and products for food safety, wellness and nutrition, as well as to favor balance and ecologically-sound environment. With few crops being evaluated under organic farming system, this study was conducted to evaluate the performance of seven bush snap bean varieties (‘Bokod’, ‘Sablan’, ‘French Bean’, ‘FB Claudine’, ‘Landmark’, ‘Pencil Bean’, and ‘Blue Lake 274’ as the check variety) under organic farming system in La Trinidad, Benguet. Parameters such as maturity, pods and seeds size were evaluated. ‘Blue Lake 274’ produced the biggest pods and seeds in terms of length and width, while ‘Landmark’ had the heaviest seeds. Marketable seed yield and ROI was highest in ‘Bokod’ and ‘Sablan’ varieties, thus, show potential for organic production.

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