Points of Pollution of the Chico River in Bontoc, Mountain Province as Perceived by the Residents of Barangays Bontov Ili, Poblacion Bontoc, Caluttit, and Samoki

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Aloha Freia F. Diaz Vicente T. Wacangan


Many of the respondents are aware of the water pof/ution issues con­cerning the Chico River. The pof/utants come from the households, busineses/ industries, agricultural enterprises, and some naturafly occur.

There are various effects of poflution to the residents of the different barangays, to the community, and also to the Chico River. Environmental deg­radation is the most common effect. It also caused health problems among the residents. Fishes are also killed so fishermen loose their source of income.

According to the residents, there are many possible solutions to the poflution of the river. A great majority of the respondents recommended recy­cling of wastes, responsible disposal of wastes and strict implementation of barangay or municipal ordinances regarding garbage disposal. It is suggested that the government should prioritize the selection of a suitable dumping site since the current dumping site is situated near the river and adds to the water poflution. It should also build a municipal sewage treatment plant and conduct Information Education Campaigns (IEC's) regarding water poflution.

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