Growth and Flowering of Petunia (Petunia Hybrida) As Affected By Different Kinds of Slow Release Fertilizers

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H. D. Ganado A. G. Ladilad


The study was conducted at the Ornamental Hoticultural Research Area, Benguet State University, LA Trinidad, Benguet from January to April, 2006 to evaluate the growth and flowering of petunia as affected by different kinds of slow release fertilizer treatments in petunia potted plant production.

Results showed that there was no significant effect of the different slow release fertilizers applied on the final height at flowering, number of laterals per plant and number of leaves per plant counted at flowering. However, significant effects were obtained on  the  application of slow release fertilizers with regards to the duration to flowering; number of flowers per plant; and size of flowers at 50%.

More flowers and earlier flowering were noted in plants applied with Multicote at the rate of 17-17-17 while bigger blooms were measured in plants applied with Osmocote at 14-14-14.

Based on the above fndings, Multicote at the rate of 17-17-17 is recommended for potted petunia production to enhance flowering and produce higher number of flowers. On the otherhand, Osmocote at the rate of 14-14-14 is recommended for the production of bigger  blooms in potted petunia.

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