BSU TALKnology: Touching Lives of Rural Communities in the Highlands of Northern Luzon, Philippines

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Constantino T. Sudaypan


The TALKnology program, a 15-minute radio program of the  Benguet State University, is seen as an effective modality in the  adoption of technologies among rural households in the highland  communities of Northern Luzon, Philippines. To assess the  efficacy of this program in bringing out social outcomes geared  towards empowering farmers, there is a need to gather baseline  information, hence this study. The study characterized the socio- economic status of the respondents; determined their attitude on the topics discussed in the program; categorized the technologies  adopted by the respondents as influenced by the program;  determined the positive results attained by the rural households  after the adoption of the technologies, and identified the challenges  encountered. Results showed that the TALKnology program  contributed to the enhanced awareness of rural communities  about appropriate technologies. In turn, the enhanced awareness  has brought desirable changes among rural communities such as the adoption of BSU technologies that are mostly along agriculture.  Such technologies include compost making, basic plant and animal  pest and disease management, soil sampling and soil analysis,  egg production, and postharvest technologies. Adopting the  technologies accessed through the TALKnology program enhanced  the livelihood opportunities of the rural households. Limited  financial resources, however, hindered the adoption of some  technologies.


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