Correlation of the High School Average Grade, College Academic Performance, and Clinical Performance of BSU BSN Batch 2012

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Vicente Jr. G. Panagan Annabelle M. Na-oy Aimelyn Joy D. Napeek Dorcas B. Orias Wilma B. Padawil


This study was conducted to find out the correlation of high school academic grade and college performance of the Benguet State University College of Nursing Batch 2012. Specifically, it aimed to determine if there is a correlation between the college academic performance, clinical performance, and high school average grade based on the type of school the respondents have graduated from, which are Private-Urban, Public-Rural, Private-Rural, Public-Urban. Moreover, it is intended to find the relationship between the number of failing students and type of school they graduated from in high school.

Using the correlation research method, the study focused on the original BSU-BSN Batch 2012. The Pearson’s Product-Moment of Correlation Coefficient was the main statistical tool used.

Results revealed that high school average grade has a correlation on the college academic performance, clinical performance, and general weighted average of the students. The high school average grades should be considered upon admission of freshmen student nurses; and failure in college does not have a relationship with the type of school graduated from.

Based on the conclusions, it is recommended, that high school academic performance be among the determining factors for admission in higher institution, for it can predict the college performance of a student. The type of high school does not affect the students’ college performance, therefore, students should try their best during basic education to help them in pursuing their college career and job opportunities. For future researches, studies on factors affecting failed students in college may be conducted and to study other batches of the college may also be considered. Lastly, further researches on factors affecting the performance of students upon entering college may be studied.

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