Citizen’s Satisfaction with Local Government Response in a Selected Municipality of Tarlac

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Patricia Ann D. Estrada Izelle C. Francisco


Measuring citizens' overall satisfaction with services is important for administrators involved in local citizen surveys and scholars interested in understanding how citizens respond to municipal government. The study focused on evaluating citizen satisfaction based on the local government response in the selected Municipality of Tarlac. The researchers used three instruments: a questionnaire, an interview guide, and a documentary analysis. The study revealed that citizens were highly aware of the mobile LGU and DRMM services. Most of those aware claimed that they had availed of such services of the municipality. On frontline services delivery (retrieval of birth and marriage certificates, public records, land titles, etc.), citizens were satisfied because some of the services were fast and easy to acquire. On the other hand, citizens were also highly satisfied with traffic management due to the effort and hard work of those individuals who work to maintain smooth traffic within the area. Public information services obtained moderate satisfaction. One major problem encountered by the citizens on governance and response was no fire safety orientation/seminar/training was conducted. As agreed by the citizens and implementers, the top recommendation was that the barangay should maintain a barangay disaster risk reduction management plan.

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