Regression Analysis of the Balili River's Biological to Physio-Chemical Characteristics

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Bretel B. Dolipas Jovalson T. Abiasen Joel V. Lubrica Jennifer Lyn S. Ramos


The study determined the interrelated physico-chemical characteristics of the Balili River water system and the regression analysis of the dissolved oxygen and biological oxygen demand with the derived interrelated physico-chemical factors of the Balili river water system. Secondary data regularly monitored by the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Cordillera Administrative Region was used in the Study. Factor and Regression analyses were the statistical tools used in the study.

There were four derived interrelated physico-chemical factor of the Balili River water system. These factors are the following: F1: Physico-chemical Factor; F2: pHConductivity- cadmium-phosphate Factor; F3: Temperature-Coliform Factor; and F4: Lead-TSS Factor. The Dissolved Oxygen (DO) of the Balili River water system was correlated to the four factors derived as shown by the equation: DO = 8.242 – 0.26F1 + 0.18F2 + 0.084F3 – 0.069F4, but not significantly correlated. The Biological Oxygen Demand is correlated with the four derived factors shown in the following equation: BOD = 51.643 + 0.74 F1 – 0.122F2 + 0.143F3 + 0.16F4. The first factor was significantly interrelated with oxygen demand while the other three factors were not. It is recommended that water treatment procedures should be undertaken to improve the dissolved oxygen and oxygen demand of the Balili River water system.

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