Motivational Factors and the Self-Projections of Students in Pursuit of Nursing Education

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Jude L. Tayaben Doris S. Natividad Maureen E. Gay-as Louisa F. Laron Carol Ruth L. Valles


Understanding motivating factors and scholastic experiences of nursing students are important.

Exploratory-qualitative design was used involving nursing students as informants during the key informant interview and focus group discussion.

The motivational driving forces based on the findings of the study were personal, family and relatives, community and socio-economic forces. In this order, care for self and family, interest of parents and relatives, serving the community and working abroad provides higher income were key motivational factors in choosing nursing as a profession.

As revealed by the study, culturally- sensitive environment, student assistance, peer counseling and mentoring, student clubs and socialization activities are important in meeting the needs of the students of a state university. These areas are important in enhancing student admission and retention policies that would provide more socially-acceptable and effective school environment and develop a framework for career guidance factors.

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