Awareness and Support of Benguet Constituents on Cordillera Regional Autonomy

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Matyline A. Camfili Mursha D. Gapasin Gigy G. Banes Christian M. Licyayo Ruth S. Batani


With the aim of getting a ‘pulse’ on the awareness and preparedness for the renewed move for Cordillera regional autonomy, two pulse surveys were conducted by Benguet State University in the province of Benguet in 2012 and 2013. The two pulse surveys was part of a region-wide survey initiated by RDC-NEDA with the objective of gathering inputs where information, education and campaign are needed. Using modified multi-stage random sampling for municipalities and barangays involving four and five municipalities in 2012 and 2013 respectively and a systematic random sampling of households for respondents, results showed that 20% (2012) and 22% (2013) of the residents in Benguet are aware of the renewed move for regional autonomy. Similar results were shown in a more recent survey in 2014, this time conducted by a commissioned service provider, the MNADUNOP Development Studies. Majority are still unaware of the contents and passage of House Bill 5595 passed in Congress for the third attempt for move for regional autonomy and so cannot give opinion about the matter and there is reliance on the decisions of officials, their organization or church membership. Radio and television broadcasting as well as print media (newspapers) appears to be the primary tool for communicating regional autonomy; however these may not be enough to reach other sectors of the voting population. Once again, the people of Benguet remain doubtful of the renewed move for Cordillera regional autonomy despite the three times revision of the House Bill for the establishment of a Cordillera Autonomous Region.

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