Exploring the Sexual Scripts of Adolescents

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Ann Heather B. Kiwang


Discussions on matters of sex and sexuality continue to be a cultural taboo in Philippine society. This is in spite of the studies which reveal an incessant increase in cases of teen pregnancy in the Philippines. As an educational institution, schools must take an active role in helping students understand and deal with their sexuality issues. This study aims to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding on the sexual scripts of students. Using an open-ended questionnaire, the sexual desires and sexual behaviors of selected students enrolled in Social Science 12 were known.

Findings reveal gendered sexual desires among the students. Most of the females define their sexual desires within the context of a relationship or a potential relationship while males seem more inclined to define sexual desires in relation to sexual satisfaction. Male’s definition of sexual desires, compared to females, is more physiological than emotional. Furthermore, many of the female students have negative perception of themselves for experiencing sexual desires. Also, there is an apparent difference in the context within which male sexual behaviors occur compared to females. Most of the sexual experiences of males were triggered by porn movies or magazines they watched. Many claim to have felt proud and satisfied after a sexual experience. On the other hand, sexual experiences of females occurred mostly within the context of a romantic relationship. Some felt more loved and secure. Others felt disgusted and embarrassed.

Sex continues to be a cultural taboo in daily conversations in the family and in school. Religion remains a strong influence in the perception of the students about sex.

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