Evaluation of Potato Genotypes Grown from Rooted Stem Cuttings Under Mid-Mountain Zone

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D. K. Simongo F. D. Gatawa G. A. Payangdo


Rooted stem cuttings of six Potato genotypes;, 380241.17, 573275, 676070,, and MLUSA, and check varieties Granola and lgorota were evaluated for yield in mid-mountain zones.

It was obsetved that there were significant differences on plant survival, height, and weight of marketable tubers. Genotype 676070 had the highest plant survival of 100%, and Granola had the lowest survival of only 76%. Genotype were the tallest plants at 75 OAP (28.45 cm).

Genotype 380241.17 produced the highest mai'ketable tuber weight (4. 76kg/5m2) with highest computed yield of 22.36tlha, and the highest profit. Genotypes, and produced comparable yield of 8.83tlha and 8.2tlha respectively. Granola procluced the lowest yield and negative profit. Genotype 380241.17,, and grown from rooted cuttings are favorable in midmountain zone.

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