Published: 2020-06-19

The Ideal Vegetable Attributes Based on Consumer Preferences a Conjoint Analysis Approach

M.K. T. Dagupen, M.A. B. Lubrica, D. D. Tagarino, X. Gellynck, J. Viaene, B. B. Gumihid


Knowledge and Practices of Sagpat Women on Indigenous Healing and Reproductive Health

R. S. Batani, M. D. Gapasin, B. Sa-ao, H. Bolislis, G. Taag, R. Sa-ao, T. Sagandoy, L. Samonte, A. S. Cuyan


Relationship Between Class Size and Students’ Academic Performance

Maria Azucena B. Lubrica, Marcos A. Buliyat, Rosaline D. Dongbo, Joel V. Lubrica