The Ideal Vegetable Attributes Based on Consumer Preferences a Conjoint Analysis Approach

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M.K. T. Dagupen M.A. B. Lubrica D. D. Tagarino X. Gellynck J. Viaene B. B. Gumihid


The important product attributes of carrot for consumers, according to order of importance are: price, origin, freshness, size, and color. Similarly, cabbage consumers gave the highest importance value to price followed by production method, origin, shape, and freshness.

The market segments were: Cluster 1 - "Origin-sensitive" and Cluster 2- "Price-conscious". Originsensitive consumers prefer carrots coming from Baguio-Benguet while price-conscious consumers prefer a low price of PhP15/kg.

The market segments for cabbage consumers are the: health-conscious and the price and origin conscious. The former gave the highest utility score to the attribute level organic under production method indicating that they connect food much more with their well-being. On the other hand, the latter gave high importance to cabbage with the lowest price of PhP 10/kg and cabbage originating from Benguet.

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