Insects Associated with Yacon (smallanthus Sonchifolius Poepp & Endl) Plants in La Trinidad, Benguet

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Bonie S. Ligat, Sr. Gemma P. Sabas


This study was conducted to identify the different insects and other arthropods that were found on yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepp & End/) plants; to classify these arthropods; and, to determine the degree of injury inflicted by the insects on the yield of the yacon plants.

There were twenty nine (29) species of insects, 2 species of spiders and 1 specie of mites that were found on yacon plants.

The species of arthropods were classified as potential insect pests, predators, parasitoids, and visitors.

The species of chewing insects had a sound (1) to slight (3) injury while the species of sucking insects had a sound or no injury on yacon plants. Both injuries were observed on the leaves of the yacon plants.

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