Evaluation for Yield and Adaptation of Pathogen-Tested Potato Accessions Grown from Apical Cuttings at Low Mountain Zone Environment

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Donita K. Simongo Inez C. Gonzales Cynthia G. Kiswa


Sets of germplasm from apical cuttings produced at BSU were evaluated in low mountain zone environment. The trial was conducted to determine the yield and adaptation of 32 accessions in low mountain zone environment and to select promising accessions for further evaluation in different agroecological zones in the Philippine highlands.

Tuber yield of selected accessions and cvs. 'Ganza,' 'lgorota' and 'Granola' ranged from 1.25 to 23.29t/ha. A total of 14 accessions were selected both by the researchers and farmers for their good yield, desirable tuber shape, skin color, and shallow eyes. Most of these selected accessions were resistant to late blight.

It is recommended that these selected accessions be screened further for their adaptability in different agro-ecological zones in the Philippine highlands. Selected accessions will be included in the National Testing Center for final evaluation. Outstanding accessions will be recommended to the Philippine Seed Board for variety release.

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