Published: 2020-07-03

Informal Seed System on Greater Yam (Dioscorea alata):

Grace S. Backian, Betty T. Gayao, Dalen T. Meldoz


Need-Based and Participatory Approach to Extension:

Grace S. Backian, Dalen T. Meldoz, Teresita D. Masangcay, Cynthia G. Kiswa


Growing Arabica Coffee in the Mountain:

Ruth S. Batani, Beverly C. Sa-ao, Kristerlyne S. Manao, Mary An J. Altaki, Joel C. Faroden, Gretchen Shagami M. Hudson, Darlyn D. Tagarino


Germplasm Collection and Varietal Evaluation of Heirloom Rice Landraces in Benguet, Philippines

Belinda A. Tad-awan, Hector C. Gayomba, Teresita D. Masangcay, Jasmin M. Chomawat, Wilner S. Mauting


Utilization of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotatoes to Enhance the ß-Carotene Content of Locally Consumed Food Products

Hilda L. Quindara, Ines C. Gonzales, Esther T. Botangen, Belinda A. Tad-awan