Morphological Variations, Yield Performance, and GXE Interaction Analysis in Arabica Coffee Cultivars for Organic Production in Benguet

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Belinda A. Tad-awan Joyce D. Doco


The three-year evaluation of Arabica coffee cultivars for organic production in La Trinidad was concluded through exhaustive gathering of other morphological characters, cupping quality and reaction to pests in order to identify stable cultivars and recommend potential cultivars for organic production. Genotype x environment analysis through the AMMI model was done using the three-year green bean yield of the Arabica coffee cultivars. Correlation analysis was done for both in-situ and ex-situ morphological characters in Arabica coffee cultivars and accessions. Correlation analysis revealed significant and positive associations of green bean yield with weight of 100 bean seeds, seed length, fruit length and width, leaf width, and number of fascicles per axil, flowers per fascicle, fascicles per node and days from fruit setting to harvesting. Potential Arabica coffee cultivars for recommendation under organic production based on stability of green bean yield, resistance to pests and cupping quality are Granica Broad, Mondo Nuvo, Red Bourbon and MSAC Selection No. 1.

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