Growth and Yield Performance and Genotype X Environment Interaction of Cabbage Varieties Under Organic Production in Benguet

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Belinda A. Tad-awan Darwin A. Basquial


Five cabbage varieties viz Ace Green, Gladiator, Lucky Ball, Rare Ball and Scorpio were evaluated at representative locations in Benguet: Balili, La Trinidad (1,332 m asl); Bonglo, Atok (2,085 m asl); and Tulodan, Atok (2,330 m asl) following the Philippine National Standards (BAFPS, 2003) for organic vegetable production. Genotype x Environment (G x E) analysis was done on yield to determine stability of the varieties across locations and seasons using the Additive Main Effects Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) model.

The cabbage varieties had varied performance in the different locations during the wet and dry seasons. The highest yielding, most stable and preferred cabbage varieties across locations and seasons were Rare Ball, Lucky Ball and Scorpio. These varieties are recommended for organic production in the three agro-ecological zones of Benguet.

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