Teacher Qualities That Enhance Students’ Academic Performance

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Joel V. Lubrica Ederson G. Bawang Salvacion Z. Beligan Brenda O. Bua-ay Marcos A. Buliyat Edna A. Chua Rosaline D. Dongbo


The study aimed to investigate the perception of college students on the level of influence of various teacher qualities or characteristics on their academic performance. Respondents were 45 students of Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Benguet State University. A questionnaire based on the Student Evaluation of Faculty (SEF) instrument was used for data col­lection during 2nd semester 2007-2008. Statistical treatment of data in­volved weighted means, averages, ranking and t-test. Results indicate that all the 24 qualities listed in the instrument had a great influence in en­hancing student academic performance, confirming local and overseas literature. Moreover, of the four categorizations of qualities posed by the SEF, the one involving mastery, preparation, organization and presen­tation of subject matter had the highest rank, corroborating claims that the professional expertise of the teacher has the greatest influence in the academic performance of students. Two conclusions that can be drawn are: a) students desired that their teachers be multi-functional, and b) the perceived qualities of effective teachers can cut across cultural and political boundaries. Recommendations are offered in relation to the professional development of teachers. Directions for further studies are indicated.

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