Performance of New Sweetpotato Entries Under La Trinidad, Benguet Conditions

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Ines C. Gonzales Esther T. Botangen Donita K. Simongo


Twelve sweet potato entries namely; J06-11-10, JK 18-4, JK 7-4, JK 23-1, J06-30-3, JK 06-11-12, SG 02-07-05, SG 02-05-01, SG 02-05-01, SG 98-16-02, SG 03-09-01, SG 02-06-02, SG 02-13-02 and two (2) check varieties NSIC 30 and NSIC 31 were evaluated for its yield performance and acceptability under La Trinidad conditions for dry and wet season trials from 2009-2011.

Results showed that SG 02-07-05, SG 98-16-02, J06-11-10 had the highest yield with 24.18 t ha-1, 22.39 t ha-1 and 20.04t ha-1 respectively. SG 02-07-05 significantly outyielded the check variety NSIC 31. Based on the sensory evaluation J06-11-10 was the third top highest yielder. SG 02-05-01, JK 18-4, JK 7-4, SG 02-06-02, JK 23-1, J06- 30-3, SG 02-13-02, (NSIC 20 as check variety) were found highly acceptable with rating of 7-like very much. The highest dry matter content of 35% was recorded by JK 18-4 and JK 23-1. Most entries are ridgedly deformed.

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