Sweetpotato Product Development: Modified Yoghurt , Hopia and Vinegar

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Esther T. Botangen Joyce K. Mama-o Ines C. Gonzales


Three sweetpotato entries namely JO6 30-3 (yellow colored flesh), Immitlog (orange colored flesh) and Haponita (violet colored flesh) were evaluated for their acceptability when added to yoghurt as flavoring hopia as filling and vinegar as fermenting material. The product development was done from October 2010 to July 2013.The varieties were found to be acceptable for the production of yoghurt, hopia and vinegar. Yoghurt and hopia has good taste, sugar just right and texture is smooth for yoghurt. Sweetpotato yoghurt can have a shelf-life of one month under refrigerated condition, hopia for seven days under room temperature conditions ranging from 24 – 26 °C and relative humidity from 70-80%.

Vinegar is acceptable at six months but has a better taste when aged longer, one year or more with a pH of 3.4.Addition of yellow, orange and violet fleshed sweetpotato increases energy, carbohydrates, vitamin A and calcium of yoghurt and vitamin A and calcium of hopia.With an estimated production cost of Php 33.06, Php 25.78, and Php 23.98 for yoghurt, hopia and vinegar, the computed return on cash expense for yoghurt is 25.52%, 25.10% for hopia and 25.13% for vinegar if the wholesale price is PhP 41.50 (yoghurt), PhP 32.25 (hopia) and Php30 (vinegar).

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