Documentation and Promotion of Using Minisett Technique in Seed Yam Production

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Dalen T. Meldoz Violeta B. Salda Grace S. Backian


The study documented the promotion and adoption, and profitability of using minisett technique in seed yam production. It used data collected from six farmers and two yam growers’ associations from Benguet, San Mateo Rizal, and Sugpon, Ilocos Sur, based on follow-up field visits and client interviews, documentation of applied technologies in semi-/commercial ventures, set-up of demonstration/observation trials in farmer’s field, and document and secondary data reviews. Costs and returns and partial budget analyses were used to determine the profitability of seed yam production using minisett technique. The promotion activities included: season-long training on yam seed production, demo farms on yam minisett production, and distribution of information, education, and communications materials. Results showed that many of the adopters bought from an early farmer-adopter. Results also indicate substantial improvement in yield, size, and quality of tubers using the recommended minisett technology. The net incremental financial benefit obtained from yam tuber production using minisett technique was estimated at PhP4,237.50 in 500sqm. Therefore, promoting yam seed technology through the use of the yam minisett technique increases productivity and availability of planting materials.

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